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Job security. Worker benefits. Service to taxpayers.

These are some issues state lawmakers have been weighing as they review how well outsourcing government functions has worked.

But there's a more mundane item that's also been surprisingly high on the list of legislators' concerns.


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Gov. Bill Haslam's administration is pulling the plug on one of its most high-profile outsourcing efforts.

After years of study and false starts, officials say they'll no longer try to turn the popular Inn at Fall Creek Falls over to a private operator. Instead, the Haslam administration plans to rebuild the hotel — part of a $100 million overhaul of state park facilities — and leave the Inn at Fall Creek Fall's fate to the next administration.

"It just felt like the appropriate thing to say, 'Let's get this built. Let's get it built the right way,' " Haslam told reporters Thursday. "And then we'll figure out who the right person to run it is."

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Governor Bill Haslam has been outsourcing some functions of state government almost since he took office. For many Tennesseans who don’t work in state government, it’s been out of sight. But the effects of privatization are becoming more and more apparent.

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Just up the road from the entrance to Fall Creek Falls State Park sits a motel.

"You know, this is not a kind of place that you come (to) if you want a spa treatment," owner Melissa Harmon says deprecatingly.

She and her husband have owned the Way Inn for a decade. It's your 1950s-style motor lodge: A long row of ground-level, drive-up rooms situated behind a diner and convenience store.

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Tennessee Democrats say they're still not sold on the benefits of potentially outsourcing thousands of state jobs at college campuses, parks and prisons.

They're calling for yet another round of analysis on the proposal, even though two so far have found it could save the state more than $35 million a year.

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Corrections Corporation of America says it's laying off 12 percent of the workforce in its Nashville headquarters — an announcement that comes as scrutiny of private prison operators is mounting.

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Tennessee Democrats and a union that represents campus workers are calling on Gov. Bill Haslam to release a study into outsourcing.

They say the Haslam administration needs to show privatizing government services has worked before going ahead with more plans.

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Gov. Bill Haslam's proposal to outsource more state government work got an icy reception from Tennessee lawmakers Tuesday, but the skeptics may need to act fast if they want to stop it.

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The state of Tennessee will not extend a controversial contract with a private real estate firm and instead will throw the deal to negotiate government office space open to bidders.

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Gov. Bill Haslam says he's not hiding any decisions about whether to privatize more jobs in state government, but he's defending his right to withhold communications between him and his staff about the effort.