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The heads of the Tennessee General Assembly are refusing to make a case for Governor Bill Haslam’s Medicaid expansion.

Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey says he’s trying to be as “neutral as possible.”

“I’ve been asked to be a little more persuading than I have [been] by the governor," Ramsey told a group of small business leaders Tuesday. "That’s not where we need to be on this. This is not something where it doesn’t really matter so I’ll twist somebody’s arm. Each individual needs to make up his mind where he is on this.”

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Scores of tea party activists turned out at the state Capitol today, hoping to pressure lawmakers to vote down Gov. Bill Haslam’s Insure Tennessee health plan.

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Gov. Bill Haslam urged lawmakers to consider their religious faith as they make up their minds about his Insure Tennessee proposal to expand Medicaid.

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Some Nashville mayoral candidates waited until the last 20 minutes to hand in their campaign finance reports.

These statements, due Monday afternoon, show how much money they’ve raised and spent since July and provide insights into their campaigns.

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NOTE: We will air live coverage of Governor Haslam's address to a special session of the Tennessee General Assembly tonight. The broadcast begins at 6pm on 90.3 WPLN-FM.

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Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry argues that his late entrance into the mayor’s race is not meant to judge the current field, which is already a crowded one. But he says he feels like his vision for the city is unique.

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Janet Lowe knows firsthand what it’s like to treat people with life-threatening conditions and no money.

The nurse practitioner at the Hope Clinic in Murfreesboro tried to share that perspective with state lawmakers on Thursday, as Governor Bill Haslam wrapped up a tour to promote his Insure Tennessee health care proposal. 

“In some cases, it’s almost like telling my immediate family member, in essence, you are going to die because there’s nothing else that I can do for you," she said.  "So imagine telling that to somebody who you are very close to.”

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One of the seven major candidates running for Nashville's mayor told supporters she plans to avoid running negative ads during her campaign. 

Linda Rebrovick, a businesswoman and CEO of market research firm Consensus Point, unveiled her platform Thursday at the Entrepreneur Center. Rebrovick said she wants to keep Nashville business-friendly and install new technology around the city, and then she talked about the vision for her campaign:

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Gov. Bill Haslam’s administration took its charm offensive to the state legislature Wednesday, with a session aimed at convincing reluctant lawmakers to take the "courageous step" of supporting his Insure Tennessee health care plan.

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Gov. Bill Haslam’s plan to expand Medicaid, known as Insure Tennessee, got a chilly reception during a crucial first hearing at the state legislature.

A Senate panel questioned Tuesday whether the state would be bound forever to the governor's proposal to offer health coverage to 200,000 Tennesseans if it approves the plan at a special session next week.