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Nashville’s contest for vice mayor enters the home stretch this week, as more early voting locations open and turnout is expected to ramp up.

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Former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen — and his Republican rival for the U.S. Senate, Congressman Marsha Blackburn — have both been talking up plans to expand broadband access in rural places.

But they're pitching two very different solutions.

The Roadies Nashville soccer
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One of the most-debated subjects in Nashville right now is how — or whether — the city will build a new Major League Soccer stadium at the Nashville Fairgrounds. Almost every day, there’s a new contract being discussed or another city agency making a decision.

WPLN’s Jason Moon Wilkins and Tony Gonzalez sort out where things stand — and where they’re going — with the stadium.

Nashville police badge
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Davidson County voters are now set to decide this fall whether to create an independent board overseeing Metro Nashville Police, after the county election commission voted unanimously Wednesday to approve the referendum.

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Immigration has been a big issue in many political races this year. Conservative candidates have frequently promised a border wall and to crack down on undocumented immigrants.

Now the other side of the debate is trying to gin up as much enthusiasm for candidates who back their priorities. 

Middle Tennessee Democratic Socialists of America

In a solidly Republican state, socialists in Middle Tennessee know they are playing to a small audience.

So the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America is tailoring its message.

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Karl Dean oversaw some big projects during his eight years as Nashville's mayor: a $600 million dollar convention center, a new minor league baseball park, an amphitheater by the Cumberland River.

They left a clear legacy. But they've also been sources of contention.

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Williamson County businessman Bill Lee has never held political office. But he says running the home services company that bears his name is preparation enough to lead Tennessee's executive branch.

And after winning the Republican nomination for governor, Lee is just one step away from putting that theory to the test.

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The big story coming out of the primaries was the surprising victory of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee. The Williamson County businessman seemed to surge late but the seeds of his win may have been sewn in some of the race’s earliest days.

Throughout the campaign, Lee portrayed himself as the upbeat outsider and let his opponents duke it out with attack ads.

Nashville Public Radio's Jason Moon Wilkins and Chas Sisk talk about that strategy — and why it seemed to work.

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Williamson County businessman Bill Lee was the surprise winner of the Republican primary for governor Thursday night.

The Christian conservative and owner of the Lee Co. beat out former Economic Development Commissioner Randy Boyd, Congressman Diane Black and House Speaker Beth Harwell.