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For five decades, a Vanderbilt University archive has been meticulously recording the national evening news. 

In total, it's a portrait of American life, from iconic moments to those that never make the history books. It makes up nearly 6 1/2 years' worth of video, if you were to watch them all back-to-back.

Col. Tom Parker home
Historic Nashville Inc.

No savior has emerged to buy and preserve the home office where “The Colonel” — Tom Parker — made Elvis Presley a star as his manager and promoter. Now the old stone building in Madison is slated for demolition to make way for a car wash.

Tennessee State Prison drone video
Courtesy of Brian Siskind

Tennessee’s old state prison — known as ‘The Castle’ and often a backdrop in Hollywood films — is in the spotlight again. This time, state corrections officials enlisted a Nashville filmmaker to fly his drone-mounted cameras throughout the complex that housed inmates from 1898 to 1992. That's when a federal court decision forced the state to move them to a less-crowded and more humane facility. 

The properties in Nashville that are at risk of disappearing are bigger than ever. Local non-profit Historic Nashville Incorporated released its annual list of endangered buildings called “Nashville Nine,” on Sunday.  

This year’s list included the entire Cleveland Park neighborhood and Music Row, which preservationists say are at risk of being developed into oblivion.

Cindy Wall

Six months after temporarily shutting its doors, the Belcourt Theatre reopened last week, showing off both new updates and meticulous preservations.

Neuhoff slaughterhouse Nashville
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The brick building on the edge of the Cumberland River has been described as a dilapidated castle. And to some, it looks haunted. But the old Neuhoff slaughterhouse is getting a fresh round of attention this summer for possible redevelopment.

Rick Smith

This week the Metro Planning Department published the latest version of a plan meant to preserve Music Row.


It’s the culmination of a two-year project that was born following the near-demolition of Historic RCA Studio A and resulted in a temporary ban on tear-downs in the neighborhood.

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The Metro Historical Commission's Tim Walker marvels at the hulking gray building tucked away between the Capitol and Municipal Auditorium in downtown Nashville.

"Truly, we'd never spend that kind of money to build a building like this today."

The Cordell Hull Building rises nine stories and stretches about the length of a city block.

Built in a simplistic style popular in the early 1950s, it might not look like much. But its limestone exterior gives it a stolid feel, and inside there are rose-colored marble finishes quarried right here in Tennessee.