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Randy McNally

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There have been many changes in the last few weeks to Gov. Bill Lee’s Education Savings Accounts proposal.

The legislature is still workshopping the details of the school voucher plan. And GOP leaders are trying to convince rural lawmakers on the fence, to vote for the bill.

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The so-called “fetal heartbeat bill” is likely to not move forward this year in the Tennessee legislature.

The Senate Judiciary Committee decided Tuesday evening to send the bill (SB1236/HB77) to summer study.

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Equal rights advocates are warning Tennessee lawmakers about consequences the state could face if they move forward with legislation that targets the LGBTQ community.

The General Assembly is considering about 10 measures that could impact whether LGBTQ people could adopt, or use a bathroom that matches their gender identity.

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The Tennessee General Assembly is getting to the do-or-die point for new legislation.

The end of committee meetings means lawmakers have to make important decisions regarding bills that could determine whether they’ll pass or they’ll fail. This also means, in some cases, it’s time for compromise. 

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The lower chamber of the Tennessee General Assembly has passed one of the most restrictive anti-abortion bills in the country.

The so-called “Heartbeat Bill” was approved Thursday in the state's house of representatives on a party-line vote. But members of both parties still express concern about its legality. 

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CNN isn’t usually interested in the minutiae of state politics. But comments from Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada about Rep. David Byrd have brought the network and other national outlets to the state Capitol.

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Randy McNally is starting his third year as speaker of the Tennessee Senate.

He’s already weighed in on issues such as abortion, Nashville's Community Oversight Board and closing primaries in Tennessee. He says he wants to make sure that the bills that are passed are constitutional and good for the state.

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Oak Ridge Republican Randy McNally is a man of few words.

That may be why few Tennesseans have heard about him before this week, when he was elected speaker of the state Senate.

McNally has nearly 40 years of experience, yet an earlier episode in his life still defines his career. People refer to it as the time Randy McNally wore a wire. Operation Rocky Top became one of the biggest corruption scandals in the legislature's history.

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With Speaker Ron Ramsey retiring in January, Republicans in the Tennessee Senate are trying to figure out who their next leader will be.

Some, including Ramsey himself, say an Oak Ridge lawmaker could be the candidate to lead them through a time of transition.

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State lawmakers are considering a plan that public defenders say could gut their funding in Tennessee’s four biggest cities. The proposal would roll back a 23-year-old law that has tied the budgets of defenders to those of prosecutors.