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Red Grooms

Chas Sisk / WPLN

The Tennessee Foxtrot Carousel is no ordinary attraction. The kinetic sculpture celebrates Tennessee history and culture, featuring steam engines, riverboats, giant banjos, mountain scenery, and over-the-top caricatures ranging from Sequoia to Chet Atkins to Tom Ryman.

Yet for 15 years, the beloved carousel has been stuck in storage.

Chas Sisk / WPLN

It's been 15 years since the Tennessee Foxtrot Carousel was taken down from the Nashville riverfront and put into storage. Yet, its legend lives on.

Curious Nashville listeners often ask us whatever happened to the quirky ride that showcased figures from Tennessee history.

Chas Sisk / WPLN

Even long-time Nashvillians may have forgotten the quirky carousel that used to twirl along the banks of the Cumberland River.