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American restaurants tend to serve only the kinds of seafood diners are most familiar with. But that is proving to be environmentally unsustainable, and the industry is responding. Restauranteurs are embracing a movement to serve sustainable seafood — steering clear of fish that are caught in a damaging way, taking depleted species off the menu and offering diners relatively unfamiliar species that aren't overfished.

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A couple years back Tiffany Hancock, a devoted vegan, had a crisis of conviction. It was over a doughnut.  

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Staffing is the latest hurdle facing Nashville’s growing hospitality industry, which is set to add over 100 restaurants and more than 3,000 hotel rooms by the end of next year.

A sparsely attended career fair at Music City Center on Tuesday reflects a much bigger problem facing the city.

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For people in Nashville who keep Kosher, following Jewish dietary laws, there's almost nowhere to dine out. One of the only Kosher-certified establishments was Woodlands, an Indian restaurant on West End — and that closed earlier this year.

But now another business has decided to go through the extensive process: Avo, a vegan restaurant housed in an old shipping container off of Charlotte Avenue.

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An 80-year-old Indiana couple is getting some welcome attention as they finish a quest to eat at every Cracker Barrel in the nation. The Lebanon-based restaurant chain has 645 restaurants in 44 states. Ray and Wilma Yoder have been to all but one.

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Three weeks before the restaurant Lulu was scheduled to open, the building on Jefferson Street was in a state of disarray. Cardboard boxes filled with dishwasher racks and food processors were piled high against the window. Workmen were installing floors and sinks.