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sexual harassment

Generic Lawmakers in House of Chambers
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A biblical concept is the inspiration behind a rule change in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

The new policy, proposed by state Rep. Mathew Hill, R-Jonesborough, requires lawmakers to get a second signature when filing an ethical complaint.

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Sewanee, a liberal arts university in Middle Tennessee, has decided it will not revoke an honorary degree it awarded to Charlie Rose in 2016.

The veteran news anchor was accused by several women late last year of making unwanted sexual advances in the workplace, and some students at Sewanee: The University of the South had wanted its governing board to take action.

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The allegations of sexual misconduct that have ricocheted through Hollywood and other industries have largely missed the Nashville music scene. But in private conversations and online forums, many female songwriters say they've had moments with collaborators that border on harassment and even assault.

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A Memphis-area lawmakers' sudden resignation has reignited a debate over sexual harassment at the Tennessee legislature.

First-term Representative Mark Lovell stepped down Tuesday, following an allegation he'd touched a woman inappropriately.

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State Rep. Brenda Gilmore has been in the state legislature for nearly a decade.

She says it's not enough to have rules at the Capitol against sexually harassing women. Legislative leaders have to show people's complaints about harassment will be taken seriously.

"They need to feel assured that when they bring these types of allegations to the attention of leadership, that something is going to be done immediately."

Gilmore, D-Nashville, doesn't think Republican leaders pass that test.