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The University of the South has a new course offering, one that the professor says is unlike anything he’s done before: Students at Sewanee will study racial injustice and how their own university played a part in it.

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The Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation denied a request to consider changing the name of Nashville's Hadley Park on Tuesday.

North Nashville resident Joshua Lipscomb collected more than 500 signatures in an online petition to rename the park after Civil Rights leader Malcolm X. He believes the park is currently named for the former slave owner who once owned the land.

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Each year, 300,000 people find their way off the beaten path to visit the Jack Daniel's distillery, where until recently, no one could even partake in the famous Old No. 7. But the fact that Lynchburg is in a dry country has only increased the allure. This is a brand built on story and legend.

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Ann Walling has a haunting old family photograph.

It was taken of her as a baby in Mississippi in the 1940s, and she's held in the lap of an African-American woman. That woman, whose full name was Mary Jane Fairfield Hodges Perlina Green Scott, worked for Walling’s great-grandmother for decades — originally, as a slave.

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Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini is calling for a "conversation" over whether the party should continue honoring one of the most important figures in their history — President Andrew Jackson.

Mancini issued the challenge in an email sent Tuesday to Democrats statewide. She noted that Jackson was a slave owner and an advocate for clearing Native Americans from their territory east of the Mississippi River.