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A state and the nation mourned the death yesterday of former University of Tennessee basketball coach Pat Summitt.

Many are remembering the inspiration she provided to countless women.

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Fans and supporters of longtime Lady Vols head coach Pat Summitt were expecting the announcement of her death, and it came early Tuesday morning. Her family had told media that her health had been rapidly failing. By Monday night, she was no longer seeing visitors.

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The youngest Olympic hopeful vying for a spot on the U.S. swim team is a 13-year old from Nashville. Gretchen Walsh — who just finished seventh grade at Harpeth Hall — heads to Omaha this week for the trials. 

Gary Glenn / Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans have hired new staff, brought in new players and mounted a major marketing push. It's all in hopes of reviving interest in — what is supposed to be — Nashville's favorite football team.  


The question is - is it working?

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Stan Schklar wasn't much of an athlete growing up. 

"I remember my dad saying, 'Stan, why don't you go out for football? Why don't you do this, do that?'," he recalled. "And you know, I just never had the courage to, I suppose. Never thought I'd be good enough.

"Maybe knowing that I was gay, I felt maybe people looked upon me as maybe weak."

That didn't change until Schklar was 45, when a friend called him up with an outlandish idea: Why didn't they form a rugby team?

Nashville Predators hockey cowboy hat
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The most recent home game for the Nashville Predators went twice as long as the typical game and took a toll on the screaming voices of their loyal fan base. Before they play again tonight — with their season on the line — WPLN sought out a voice coach to explain how diehard fans can get the most out of their chants.

Tennessee Titans Nissan Stadium seating
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When the Tennessee Titans announced plans to replace the aging seats at Nissan Stadium, some fans hoped to grab a piece of history. But the construction team — now ripping into the rows of seats visible from Interstate 24 — won’t be saving any of the football furniture.

For the last several months a 75-year-old Cookeville man has been preparing for a race not many Americans get to run: the Havana Marathon. It takes place this Sunday.

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The Nashville Sounds inaugural season at First Tennessee Park comes to an end tonight. The team is not in playoff contention but did see the biggest jump in attendance among Triple-A teams this year.  And it's still drawing first-time fans, like Scott West who was at Monday’s game.

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The Tennessee Titans underpaid city taxes for at least three seasons, a top executive told the Metro Sports Authority on Wednesday, but the team needs more time to figure out exactly how much it owes.