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Tanaka Vercher

Nashville Metro Council
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Update: New developments on Monday morning include key changes to two proposals. Please read the latest: Nashville Tax Battle Hardens As Influential Council Members Team Up Against Mayor

Nashville’s leaders have set themselves up for an epic budget showdown this week, with five different budget proposals up for debate at the Metro Council.

Gresham Smith / Metro filings

Members of Nashville’s Metro Council expressed reservations about an incentive package for Amazon on Tuesday night, but after an hour of discussion, the council easily approved a grant worth up to $17.5 million.

The lopsided vote was 30 in favor and just three against.

City Hall Nashville
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Nashville will not be raising its property tax. That was the outcome of a tense 4-hour Metro Council debate that ended after midnight early Wednesday — and only after a shocking vote that drew audible gasps from the council.