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Vivian Wilhoite
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One reason the Metro government is taking a conservative budget approach this year is because many residents have successfully fought to reduce their property reappraisals.

While it means less tax money for the city, Property Assessor Vivian Wilhoite was not defensive while fielding questions from Mayor David Briley at her budget hearing Monday.


Sen. Bob Corker just came out in support of the GOP tax bill. Initially he was worried about its impact on the federal deficit. But fellow Tennessee Republican, Sen. Lamar Alexander, who peddled the plan Friday morning at the Rotary Club of Brentwood, says he thinks the plan will help the nation's debt.

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Senator Bob Corker said he is "disappointed" to announce he won’t be voting for the current tax overhaul plan.

In a statement released Friday afternoon, the Tennessee Republican said he supports a number of provisions in the legislation and that the tax bill could be fixed to be more fiscally sound and still encourage economic growth.

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Across Davidson County, letters have been arriving in mailboxes telling residents how much their property is now worth and in turn, how much they’ll pay in property taxes. For many, it comes with jolting news: A home much pricier than it was just four years earlier.

But it turns out the number of complaints over the new appraisals is fewer than the city expected. 

Metro Nashville tax freeze
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Many Nashville neighborhoods are bracing for their new property tax bills, which could be substantially higher after this year’s countywide assessment — so much so that homeowners may find it difficult to keep up with the costs.

Mayor Megan Barry Nashville Rotary Club
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Many Nashville residents and business owners are about to see a double whammy in cost increases for living in Davidson County. But Mayor Megan Barry said Monday that there are ways to soften the impact.

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Nashville is still moving toward an expansion of its urban services district, where Metro handles trash pickup and street lighting, among other jobs.

But what began as a proposal to change boundaries across the county has now been winnowed down, and the debate centers on Madison.


A controversial proposal that would up city services and increase taxes for thousands of Nashville homes is finally advancing after months of deferral. But the plan is now a fraction of the size.  

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A proposal that could increase taxes for 73,000 homes in Nashville is now going to be postponed.

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Brentwood resident Shannon Hankins has been running in Smith Park since it opened five years ago.

"I love it," she said after completing a jog in the sweltering heat last week. "It gets me off the streets, because I'm used to running on the streets and almost got hit a thousand times."

There's six miles of trails tough enough to challenge hikers or an intrepid cross-country team. There's the 200-year-old Ravenswood mansion, which the city rents out for private functions. And, at  400 acres, this is Brentwood's biggest park.

The city of Brentwood was able to buy this land in part because of the so-called Hall income tax, Tennessee's 87-year-old tax on earnings from stocks and bonds. Revenue from the tax is split between the state and cities.