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Nashville’s downtown horse carriage companies are having trouble getting along.

Donn Jones / Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp.

Nashville's biggest New Year's Eve party is getting extra security this year: The 100,000 people expected to attend the celebration on Bicentennial Mall will have to pass through metal detectors for the first time.

But the biggest threat organizers see to event-goers isn't terrorism or a gunman — it's the weather. 

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For all the tourism records being set in Nashville, there is one area that's lagging behind: The number of large conventions coming to town this fall is lower than in previous years, and tourism leaders say the city's high hotel demand bears part of the blame.

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The new hotels opening in Nashville this month are not cheap, but tourism officials hope the increased competition will start to bring down the rates in the region, which are right now among the highest in the country. 

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A nationwide survey ranks Nashville the most expensive city in the U.S. for lodging the month of October.

McMillin Court Nashville short term rental
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At least one Nashville apartment complex has fully converted into nothing but short-term rental units. The transition comes in a moment when the popularity of Airbnb and other services is changing the way some people invest in property.

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On some weeks, Nashville hotel prices are comparable to New York City — a surprise to travelers and a worry for local tourism promoters. But as the hotel landscape changes, there’s a chance those rates could come down.

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Mayor Megan Barry has expressed interest in working with TV networks to revive ABC’s drama series, “Nashville,” and is even open to providing financial incentives. The show’s fifth season was canceled due to inconsistent viewer ratings.

"We would love for the show 'Nashville' to continue. We would be willing to work with anybody who wanted to come back to us and make a proposition and an offer to see what that looks like. Obviously, resources are not unlimited but we do love that show," Barry said. 

Tennessee Department of Tourist Development

State officials say an ad campaign launched in 2014 to promote tourism in Tennessee is paying off.

In a report unveiled today, the state Department of Tourist Development says that the "Made in Tennessee" campaign has generated more than $73 million in new state and local tax revenue.

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Drummers and dancers performed under tents to stay out of the rain at the inaugural St. Patrick's Day festival in March last year. 

That event did get a little help from the Irish government, but nothing compared to this year: The country’s tourism and cultural agencies are footing a third of the bill, according to organizers.