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traffic laws


Worries about the safety of children as they travel to and from school has led to two new laws that go into effect Jan. 1 in Tennessee.

But state leaders also fear college students have been overly protected, a situation they've also decided to address with a new law.

They're among the measures that take effect as the calendar turns the page to 2018. Jan. 1 is one of the two dates Tennessee lawmakers typically choose for legislation to take effect.

Blake Farmer / WPLN

The Tennessee Highway Patrol wants to close a little-known loophole in the state’s seatbelt law that exempts drivers and passengers in heavy-duty trucks and SUVs. These are vehicles with a gross weight between 8,500 and 10,000 pounds, including a Ford F-250 Super Duty and some Chevy Surburbans and Lincoln Navigators.