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Nashville bus downtown
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Nashville’s city bus fleet has been described as aging and unreliable, but Metro transit officials say a rapid sequence of upgrades will soon make it one of the most modern in the country.

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Pedestrian deaths have increased in Nashville in recent years, and dangerous areas have been well-documented. Now, a debate is growing between safety advocates and city officials about how, and how quickly, streets and crosswalks can be made safer.


In what could be Nashville’s most ambitious mass transit endeavor since the failed transit referendum in May, officials are seeking federal funds to examine a possible “bus rapid transit” line along a 6-mile portion of Dickerson Pike between downtown and northeast Nashville.

Bird scooter Nashville
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Mayor David Briley has signed legislation that opens the door to the return of dockless scooters and ride-sharing bikes to Nashville's streets and sidewalks.

Bird scooter Nashville
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Hundreds — and potentially thousands — of dockless electric scooters could be back on Nashville streets before the end of the year.

Bird scooter Nashville
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The Metro Council has made its move to create regulations to govern the shared, dockless electric scooters that have been zipping around Nashville in recent weeks.

Nashville bus
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Nashville’s next mayor will face a complicated and politically volatile question about the future of mass transit.

The vote earlier this month to reject a multi-billion-dollar plan built around light-rail and improved bus service has reopened the debate, so we asked them:

What are your transit priorities now that Nashville voters have rejected the transit plan?


Nashville transit nMotion

One of Nashville’s steps toward a new mass transit plan will be to revisit the strategy adopted two years ago, when city and regional officials endorsed what’s known as “nMotion.”

MTA bus Music City Central
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Following closely after the defeat of the multi-billion dollar transit referendum, renovation work will begin on Nashville’s main downtown bus terminal, Music City Central. The $6 million project was already planned, and some consider it overdue.

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Nashville voters resoundingly rejected the multi-billion-dollar transit proposal Tuesday — telling officials to find another way to respond to the city’s growth and traffic congestion.

In the end, it wasn't even close. Some 64 percent of Nashville voters went against the plan. That's in an election that drew a surprising turnout of more than 120,000 people.