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The VA hospitals in Middle Tennessee are again vowing to make improvements after being rated among the 15 lowest performing facilities in the country. The Nashville and Murfreesboro VA hospitals are still dealing with high staff turnover and scheduling problems.

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The Veterans Affairs health care clinic in Clarksville has closed its doors to new patients, citing space constraints. Some veterans say this is putting a strain on other clinics in nearby rural counties.

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The conference room inside a Veterans Affairs center in Nashville feels distinctly clinical: beige walls, gray carpet, creaky chairs.

But on a Monday afternoon in August, there's an energy that might be felt more often at an intimate Nashville club. Two dozen people, mostly women, are sitting on those creaky chairs in a circle. Some hold guitars. About half are veterans, and they're waiting to debut their very personal songs about a shared experience: sexual assault.

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The percentage of veterans in the Tennessee and Kentucky region waiting more than 30 days to see a doctor is nearly double that of the rest of the country. About one in 20 appointments in the Tennessee Valley healthcare system failed to meet the VA’s completion goal, according to new data from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.