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As students return to campuses across Middle Tennessee, more of them are from overseas. Vanderbilt and Belmont have more than doubled their international freshman enrollment since 2009. Public universities like Austin Peay and Middle Tennessee State have also seen gains, and it isn’t by accident.

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Dozens of zebra finches are learning to sing inside makeshift recording booths in a Vanderbilt lab. Adult and baby birds are paired up to live together, and some have more difficult living conditions than others. The idea is to study how struggling for survival can impair the learning process and how to get around it.

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Nanotubes are tiny cylinders of carbon atoms, thousands of times smaller than a single human hair. They are stronger and lighter than steel, more conductive than copper and have thermal properties that are competitive with diamonds.

Efficient and low cost carbon nanotubes would usher in a quiet revolution. The supermaterial has applications with nearly every piece of technology that an average person uses. Touch-screens, computer chips, and even water-filters could benefit from nanotubes.

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A Vanderbilt researcher says the country needs more counselors in schools to respond to a staggering rise in suicidal teens.

Pediatrician Greg Plemmons' study published in the journal Pediatrics finds that more than twice the number of school-age children are being hospitalized for suicide attempts or thoughts, compared to a decade ago. The heaviest periods, he finds, are during the school year.

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For decades, emergency physicians and intensive care doctors instinctively have been reaching for saline when they order intravenous fluids for a patient. Now a pair of two-year studies conducted at Vanderbilt Medical Center finds a slight but meaningful benefit to an alternative fluid. So the hospital is making a wholesale change and encouraging other hospitals to follow suit.

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Vanderbilt Medical Center has entered a rare relationship with another university hospital. The University of Mississippi Medical Center is the only academic medical center in Mississippi. It's a first for both schools, even though the campuses have not spelled out all the ways they plan to join forces.

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The cold may not be sending many people to the hospital for prolonged exposure, but the extended sub-freezing temperatures are promoting an especially intense flu season.

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When flu season comes around each year, a familiar face from Nashville appears in homes around the country: Dr. William Schaffner. The Vanderbilt doctor has become a media darling when it comes to infectious diseases. 

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Vanderbilt University Medical Center has cut a deal with Cigna to keep seeing Obamacare patients in Middle Tennessee. The region's largest hospital was just weeks from being out-of-network for Nashville-area residents who buy health insurance on the federal marketplace.

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The Princeton Review has released their annual list of lists for colleges and universities, and Vanderbilt is in the top ten of some of the most desirable categories.