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As soon as Nashville's elections ended this month, thousands of campaign signs became just about worthless to the candidates overnight.

But for the first time, a big batch of those signs will be recycled instead of taken to the dump.

Davidson County voter registration
Davidson County Election Commission

A federal judge has blocked a new Tennessee law that would have imposed strict regulations on voter registration efforts in the state. Judge Aleta Trauger said the law was unconstitutional and would cause more harm than good.

Nashville Election Results Live Blog

Aug 1, 2019
Nashville election campaign sign
Sergio Martinez-Beltran / WPLN

Nashville voters are making key leadership decisions in today’s Metro General Election. Follow along for updates on the results, dispatches from WPLN reporters in the field, and comments from the mayoral candidates.

Nashville voting machines
Davidson County Election Commission

Some Nashville voters have been surprised to find brand-new voting machines at the polls this year, and there were a few hiccups in their first days of use during early voting.

But election officials say additional training for pollworkers should make for a smooth Election Day on Thursday. 

Meribah Knight / WPLN

Nashville early voting concluded with a big turnout Saturday, capping a strong finish to what began as a surprisingly slow start.

polling place
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

The American Civil Liberties Union, Rock The Vote, and several other groups filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing the state of Tennessee of violating voter rights.

Sergio Martínez-Beltrán / WPLN

Tennessee volunteer organizations that register people to vote could soon face fines if they turn in too many incomplete forms.

Monday's vote in the House of Representatives puts Tennessee one step closer from being one of the first states to impose criminal penalties on registration drives.

Tre Hargett
Stephen Jerkins / WPLN (File photo)

A new measure in the Tennessee General Assembly would open people or organizations that submit incomplete voter registration forms to fines.

State officials say the bill is a response to a growing number of incomplete voter applications. Opponents contend it's meant as intimidation. 

I VOTED sticker
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Some Nashville leaders are pushing for a significant change to local elections after a year in which multiple contests ended up in run-off contests, which take extra time and money to conduct.

Chas Sisk / WPLN

Tennessee is the only state in the nation that requires people who have been released from prison to be up-to-date on child support to register to vote.

But, a bill in the state legislature could soon change that.