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For the first time, Tennessee Republicans have officially asked to make party affiliation a requirement in order to vote in a primary election.  

The State Executive Committee of the Republican Party has debated closed primaries since at least 2010. But, it never had support from a majority of its members.

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Roughly half of Nashville voters in recent years have been casting their ballots during the two-week early voting period. The convenience of early voting is often cited as a reason. But one place where that’s not an option is in East Nashville.

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Nashville’s main downtown library has approved the creation of a permanent collection dedicated to the city’s role in ratifying the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed American women the right to vote.

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This story has been corrected to reflect final early voting totals, which show a larger overall voter turnout than initially reported.

The final tally is in for Tennessee early voting — and turnout jumped by 11 percent compared to four years ago.

Within those numbers, Williamson County is seeing an interesting partisan change. While Republican ballots still dominate, Wiliamson’s Democratic turnout was up by thousands of voters.

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Voters in Williamson County may notice a prominent warning when they go to the polls today: A sign implying that only certain people are allowed to vote in the primaries.

It's the result of a dispute between the Williamson County GOP and two Democratic candidates over how to interpret Tennessee's murky law about who gets to participate in primaries. Voters don't register by party, but the law does say voters need either to be a "bona fide member and affiliated with" the party whose primary they seek to vote in, or to be willing to declare an oath of allegiance.

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Tennessee lawmakers have rejected a measure that would've required a paper receipt for all ballots cast in the state.

In a meeting Tuesday of the Senate's State and Local Government Committee, legislators voted down a bill intended to create a paper trail for auditors to follow in the event electronic voting machines are hacked.

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Tennessee Democrats are renewing their push to back up electronic voting machines with paper records, amid warnings that hackers will try to influence this year's elections.

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The largest employers in Nashville have agreed to promote voter registration as part of their hiring process. The project is spearheaded by Democratic Congressman Jim Cooper and Republican state Sen. Steve Dickerson, who last year promoted registration in Nashville high schools and saw an 85 percent bump.

Tennesseans interested in becoming voters can now register online.

The Secretary of State's office says it has initiated a "soft launch" of the long-awaited system that could replace in-person and mail-in registration. Up until now, Tennesseans who move, have their registrations purged for inactivity, or have never been registered have had to contact their county election commissions directly or sign up in person through one of six state agencies.

Tre Hargett
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Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett says his office can't comply with a request from President Trump's administration this week to hand over data on the state's voters.

Hargett cites Tennessee law.