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Nashville voting booth
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Below is the election night play-by-play as the polls closed and the results came in. Scroll down to the "original post" at the bottom to find some context for the races being decided.

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A Nashville advocacy group is calling for an investigation into spending in Metro's school board races, alleging Stand for Children, a pro-charter organization based in Oregon, has broken Tennessee election law.

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A federal ruling that North Carolina's voter identification law is discriminatory has Democrats calling for another look at Tennessee's requirements.

Democrats say the state's 2011 voter ID law needs to be rolled back based on evidence it has suppressed turnout.

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A Republican and a Democratic candidate for the state Senate have teamed up to file a complaint against state Sen. Steve Dickerson, whom they accuse of using state resources to campaign.

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Shirley Jaskolka hasn't met the people running in the Republican primary for the 6th Congressional District.

But that doesn't matter much, because she's seen their ads. And the picture that's emerged of Congressman Diane Black is one that Jaskolka favors.

"She seems to be genuine," Jaskolka said shortly after casting her ballot at the Mt. Juliet Community Center. "She seems like her life is in control."

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The political world may be focused on the presidential race and the party conventions, but here in Tennessee more than 100,000 people have already voted early for state and local offices.

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Friday afternoon prayers have just ended at the Islamic Center of Nashville, and Tamanna Qureshi is working the voting table.

Voters in Nashville wait at the polls.
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A measure that lets Tennesseans register to vote online is headed to Gov. Bill Haslam's desk for signature.

The plan, Senate Bill 1626, would go into effect next year. It would also let people who are already registered to vote update their information over the Internet.

Supporters say online registration will help voter turnout. They add that the risk of fraud is low because information provided online will be checked against driver's license records.

Nashville voter registration
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The deadline is looming to register to vote in time for the March primary, so Nashville election officials have been visiting dozens of high schools this month. Before Monday, they hope to set a teen voter registration record.

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Nashville set a record last year for registering high school voters. But few made it to the polls, with young people ages 18 to 24 making up just 2 percent of the turnout in the last local election. Officials announced Friday they are expanding their teen voter drive.