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Officials in Tennessee have found 40 credible allegations of voter fraud during this year's primary and general elections.

That's more than any other state, according to a nationwide investigation from the New York Times that concluded, overall, there is no evidence of "rampant voter fraud."

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Talk of potential fraud and the possibility of unofficial monitors appearing at the polls has left some Tennesseans wondering what to expect when they vote today.

But election officials say they're keeping watch on the watchers.

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Early voting is off to a record start in Tennessee. Totals from the first day were larger than both of President Barack Obama's elections in 2008 and 2012, according to the state's Division of Elections.

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He’s a metal scrapper who moonlights as a political pundit — a hard-working East Nashvillian whose views have become known far beyond the local junkyard.

Carl Hill, perhaps better known as “Carl from Nashville,” has been a regular caller to NPR’s “On Point” political talk show for about a decade.

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Election officials say they're closing in on an all-time high of 400,000 voter registrations in Davidson County — a surge comes just ahead of the Oct. 11 deadline to get signed up for the November general election.

The Davidson County Election Commission said this week that they've added about 25,000 voters since the 2012 election. A lot of that is population growth, but some is new voters, drawn to register by the intense race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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A slew of state leaders will be on hand Friday for the unveiling of the Woman Suffrage Monument, a statue in Nashville's Centennial Park that celebrates Tennessee's important role in establishing women's right to vote nationwide.

Although Tennessee wasn't the first state to establish women's suffrage — that honor actually belongs to Wyoming, where women have been able to vote since the 1860s — the state was where ratification of the 19th Amendment was completed.

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Tennessee has had some of the lowest voter turnout of any state in the nation. That's according to a new analysis from the Pew Charitable Trusts, which shows the state ranking virtually at the bottom for the last few election cycles.

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One of the longest-serving members of the state legislature will be replaced on the November ballot, following his conviction Monday on a federal tax charge.

Knoxville Democrat Joe Armstrong was convicted just four days after winning his primary. He had run unopposed and faced only one independent candidate in November.

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As he looked up and down the Republican ballot, Sam Lowe didn't like many of his options.

But rather than selecting the challengers, the Murfreesboro voter instead lodged a protest. He simply wrote in other candidates.

"Democrats have lost their minds, so they won't get my vote, but the establishment Republicans, I mean they're no different than the Democrats. So that's really the only choice I have."

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State Sen. Steve Dickerson easily won the Republican primary for his Nashville seat. The incumbent held a two-to-one lead over fellow physician Ron McDow, who spent at least $150,000 of his own money on the race.