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The recent back-to-back mass shootings in Texas and Ohio have prompted a national conversation on gun control laws.

One of the measures being discussed, both nationally and at the state level, are so-called "red flag" laws.

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There’s an official date for Rep. Glen Casada to leave his post as speaker but, for some lawmakers Aug. 2 is not soon enough.

They want him to resign before then — some legislators fear Casada has ulterior motives for hanging on.

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Many state lawmakers are expressing frustration after House Speaker Glen Casada announced Tuesday that he doesn't intend to resign for another two months.  

The embattled speaker sent a letter to members laying out his plans to step down from the House’s top post. The decision drew immediate fire from the Republican lawmaker next in line to succeed him, as well as from several Democrats.

Community Oversight Nashville
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Police oversight boards in Tennessee will not be completely stripped of the ability to issue subpoenas. But they won’t be able to exercise the power without a little help, according to a compromise reached Monday by state lawmakers.

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The Tennessee Education Savings Account.

That’s the name of the school voucher program proposed by Gov. Bill Lee during his first State of the State address.

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A federal appeals court is considering whether Tennessee should have the ability to take away the driver's licenses of individuals who can’t pay fines. 

But, state lawmakers are not waiting for that ruling.

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The Tennessee House of Representatives approved Wednesday a resolution that honors the legacy of Martin Luther King and denounces racism — a unanimous decision that the chamber's Republican leader hopes unanimously will set the tone for this year’s legislative session.

It comes after House lawmakers killed a measure last year denouncing white nationalism, a failure that some saw as an embarrassment for the Republican-led body.

Community Oversight Nashville
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The voter-approved Community Oversight Board in Nashville could be a point of contention when the state legislature reconvenes next month.

Republican leaders have recently expressed  concerns that could stop the board in its tracks.