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workers rights

Julieta Martinelli / WPLN

It’s been a year since Fausto Flores, a local construction worker, fell to his death while building an upscale condo complex downtown. He was cutting a wooden handrail on the fourth floor when he slipped. Flores wasn’t wearing a harness.

Workers and advocates gathered last night outside that building to remember him — and more than a dozen others — who’ve lost their lives at work.

Nashville bus
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Nashville’s city bus drivers and fleet mechanics are raising concerns about maintenance problems and workplace safety, and they are likely to stage a protest one day next week at the peak of rush hour.

Nashville construction
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“Creating jobs” sounds great when companies make splashy announcements, but the Metro Council may soon require more specifics before they hand out economic incentive grants or tax breaks.

worker protest Nolensville Tennessee
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A painting company in Nolensville is still fielding criticism after firing 18 Latino employees who skipped work last month as part of a nationwide boycott — the Day Without Immigrants.