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Our March Music Madness is down to the final four orchestral selections. You narrowed it down to Holst, Haydn, Copland and Gershwin, now weigh in on which pieces should face each other in the tournament's final match up. We've entered the lightning rounds now, with the ultimate winner to be announced--and played on the air--on Friday, March 29.


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courtesy of University of Arkansas Digital Collection

The results of Round 3 were by far the most surprising of March Music Madness.

Justin Tam / The Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park


Standing at a towering 41 ft, 10 inches, the golden statue of Athena in Nashville’s Parthenon is said to be the tallest indoor sculpture in the Western Hemisphere. Surrounded by huge stone columns and Tennessee pink marble floors, the Parthenon is certainly a sight, but a new concert series is set to explore how the space can sound.


Image courtesy Oz Arts Nashville

Before he founded Kronos Quartet, before the ensemble would go on to stretch the notion of what a quartet could be, before they would collaborate with some of the biggest names in classical music (earning 11 Grammy nominations along the way), violinist David Harrington heard a piece of music that would change everything. 


A selection of events from the Arts Calendar that caught our eye this week.

image courtesy Rachel Grimes

A few years ago, when composer Rachel Grimes was helping some family members move, she suddenly found herself with a lot of stuff to sort through. Among the personal items and family photos, she found something that completely shocked her: a bill of sale for a woman and her three children from 1824. The single page document would become a spark for a new folk opera, which will have its Tennessee premiere this week.

Kara McLeland / Nashville Public Radio

Each day on 91Classical, amidst the variety of the day's playlist, we offer a handful of featured selections at set times. Breakfast Baroque gets your day off to a light start, the Lunchtime Local features composers and performers from right here in the Midstate, the 5:00 Waltz celebrates the end of the workday, and our evening features take a different tack each night, from music that carries you to a specific spot on the globe to orchestral music first heard in the movie theater. Here's what's coming up this week:

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While thoughts of love, sex and power dominate Nashville Ballet's Lucy Negro Redux, for Rhiannon Giddens the work is about uncovering a hidden part of history.

Kara McLeland/Nashville Public Radio

Three French woodwind trios from the 20th century perked us all up on this post time-change Tuesday.

Kara McLeland/Nashville Public Radio

The vote tally has created some interesting pairings going into Round 3.