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A selection of events from our Arts Calendar that caught our eye this week.

Kara McLeland / Nashville Public Radio

Each day on 91Classical, amidst the variety of the day's playlist, we offer a handful of featured selections at set times. Breakfast Baroque gets your day off to a light start, the Lunchtime Local features composers and performers from right here in the Midstate, the 5:00 Waltz celebrates the end of the workday, and our evening features take a different tack each night, from music that carries you to a specific spot on the globe to orchestral music first heard in the movie theater. Here's what's coming up this week: 

Kara McLeland / Nashville Public Radio

When he moved to Nashville in 1960, Bill Pursell was a classically trained pianist and composer who found his way into the studios on Music Row during the rise of the Nashville Sound. As he was working with some of country music's biggest names, including Chet Atkins and Patsy Cline, Pursell was moonlighting as classical composer and a soloist with the Nashville Symphony. Having recently retired at age 92 from teaching at Belmont University (he taught there beginning in 1980), Pursell still keeps busy composing. 

Kara McLeland / Nashville Public Radio

There’s a lot of talk of child prodigies in classical music. Perhaps the best-known anecdotes are about Mozart, who famously began composing at age 4 and had 10 symphonies under his belt by 12. But plenty of composers didn’t reach musical maturity or find mainstream success until much later in life.

Mack Linebaugh / Nashville Public Radio

Now that we're a few days into the new year, are you holding steady with your resolution? Here's some classical music to help you as your determination begins to fade.

Other World Network: concept by Jamie Whitlow and AnnaLee Kelly, rendering by Chris Strachan

A selection of art gallery offerings in the New Year, as found in our Arts Calendar.

Kwanzaa Nashville has events for every night, and principle, of Kwanzaa.

Portara Ensemble and friends brought a preview of their winter solstice-themed show, which premiered at OZ Arts on December 20.

Jackie Osborne, Photographer

To create a menu for at-home listeners of our broadcast of Handel's Messiah on Christmas Eve, we reached out to Alex Belew, the head chef at Dallas and Jane in Murfreesboro.