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Nashville's Next Mayor: Meet The Candidates Who Want To Run The City

We've been getting to know Nashville's mayoral hopefuls, and we want to help you do the same.

We're asking each of the seven major candidates the same questions on the race's defining issues. We're profiling each individually, so you can get to know them and understand their motivations. And we're bringing you the news as it happens during the race. 

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Tony Gonzalez / WPLN (File photo)

Updated 5 p.m.

Nashville must hold its special election between May 21 and 25 — two and a half months sooner than anticipated — according to a ruling Tuesday from the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

Mayor David Briley, who was sworn in last night to succeed Megan Barry, has not yet said whether he'll try to hold onto the office.

But with a short sprint scheduled to the August special election, there aren't many people who could mount a challenge.

Barry Campaign via Facebook

Megan Barry was known for sticking to the script during her year of public campaigning to be Nashville’s mayor. She shied away from concrete policy promises. But she did make some commitments and relevant statements worth remembering.


Barry Campaign via Facebook

Nashville made a statement in electing Megan Barry mayor. Her 10-point margin approaches landslide territory. And when asked, voters offered a variety of reasons for their support.

Emily Siner / WPLN

Megan Barry will become the first woman in Metro Nashville's 50-plus-year history to hold the title of mayor.

David Fox concedes
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

David Fox made no excuses on Thursday night and offered his support and assistance to the Nashville's mayor-elect, Megan Barry.

Nashville's Mayoral Runoff 2015: Live Updates

Sep 10, 2015
Barry and Fox Campaigns

Megan Barry has been elected and will be the first woman mayor of Nashville when she’s sworn in on Sept. 25.

Blake Farmer / WPLN

Both candidates in Nashville’s mayoral runoff spent much of Election Day at the same place — the Cathedral of Praise. In the parking lot, they waved signs and shook hands with voters, though not with each other.

Their simultaneous presence solidified North Nashville's African-American community as the most contested battleground of the race.

Metro Public Works

Recycling rates in Nashville have flat-lined in recent years at 11,000-12,000 tons annually. As part of WPLN’s coverage of the mayoral race, listeners wrote in to ask if the candidates have plans for improvement.

Blake Farmer / WPLN

North Nashville’s African-American community has the highest concentration of undecided voters in the city’s waning mayoral race, according to some of the only independent polling done in the race. And that’s where both candidates are focusing their offense and defense.